Lubricant’s 101

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I hear it all the time;  during  Sultry Indulgences In-Home presentations, there is almost always a woman claiming to not need lube.  She claims she gets plenty wet or that saliva is the way to go.  I also get the girls that think that lubes are a huge hassle; dragging it out of their nightstand and fumbling while squirting it on, it presents problems.  Others think  it kills the mood completely!

Lubricants are not just used to add moisture; they can add sensation in most cases.   Some types of lubes also carry healing properties which can make them extremely appealing.  In today’s segment, we will go over the different types of lubes and different ingredients you may want to avoid.  I will also give you a few suggestions of brands we carry that may suit all your needs.

#1 Choose your Base!

Most lubes come in one of these three types, all offering their own benefits to fit a wide variety of needs.  They are: Water-Based, Silicone-Based (This girl’s personal preference) or a Hybrid.

What to look for:

Water-Based will have WATER or ALOE as the first ingredient listed.  This is the most common type manufactured.


  • Feels cool on your skin
  • Can be reactivated by adding water
  • Offers a large variety (see Variation for further details)
  • Washes away from Body quickly
  • Does not stain your sheets or lingerie
  • Compatible with all toy materials and condoms


  • Can feel sticky after prolonged use
  • Glycerin can often be the main ingredient

Silicone-Based will have Ingredients that end in “ol” or “cone”.  For instants: Dimethicone or Dimethiconol.


  • Never feels sticky
  • Creates a long lasting glide
  • Works double for a massage oil
  • Great for water play
  • Compatible with Latex, Rubber glass or plastic materials


  • Not suggested to be used with other silicone products
  • Rarely in flavored variety (See Variation for further details)

Hybrid is a water-based lubricant with a silicone ingredient listed somewhere.


  • Feels slippery but is also thin enough to feel a lot sensation
  • Uniquely Non-Sticky for a Water-Based
  • Leave skin silky and smooth
  • Often Hydrates and protects skin by trapping in moisture
  • Compatible with Latex, Rubber, Glass, Metal and Plastic materials.


  • Often harder to locate
  • Not Compatible with other silicone products

Thick or Thin

  • Thick Lubes are designed to stay on your skin longer and offer a more “Cushion” feel.  Although it reduces friction, it can also reduce sensation. It will stay where it is applied; making it ideal for anal penetration and avoiding vaginal/anal migration.
  • Thin Lubes allow you to feel more sensation while still avoiding friction.  It offers a perfect “kick-start” until your natural moisture takes over.

#2 Choose your Variation!

Flavored Lubes Enhances Oral Pleasures and are condom-safe.  Almost always water-based however can be sticky.

Natural/Organic Made with only natural or organic ingredients.  Many customers prefer this type.

Stimulating is designed to increase sensation for both partners.  They often include Menthol or pepper as their active ingredient increasing blood flow and awakening your nerve endings.

Carrageenan is a seaweed and will make your lube feel exceptionally slippery.  Often times, it will heal and repair vaginal tissue, relieve and soothe dryness and even add moisture.

#3 Ingredients some people like to avoid:

Paraben-Free While the studies have not proven conclusively, Paraben- A common preservative found in most beauty products- may be linked to breast cancer.  Europe has even gone so far as to outlaw the use of parabens in consumer products it all the way around.  The following is a great short and sweet article if you may have more questions about parabens.

Glycerin-Free Glycerin is a common moisture retaining ingredient found in most water-based lubes.  Glycerin, however, can mimic sugar in some cases and when added to the female chemistry can throw off her pH balance.  This can lead to vaginal irritation or even a yeast infection.


Now that you are armed with information, you can shop with peace of mind!  Here are a few of Sultry Indulgences’ favorite lubes:

Water Based: Lelo Personal Moisturizer

Silicone Based: Pink Silicone with Vitamin E

Hybrid: Liquid Silk

Flavored: Fruity Love

Natural/Organic: Good Clean Love

Stimulating: Bijoux Indiscrets

Carrageenan: Sliquid Oceanics Carrageenan

Paraben/Glycerin Free: Astroglide Paraben/Glycerin Free

Anal Play: Intimate Organics Soothe

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